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  • October 03, 2022 1 min read

    A summer wardrobe isn’t complete without a silk sarong (or two). As one of the most versatile pieces in your collection, here are a few ways you can style it.  

    Maxi Skirt 

    1. With the printed side facing outward, wrap your sarong around your waist.
    2. Find the two corners of the sarong around your waist to tie together so your style stays put.
    3. You can tie this around your waist for a classic look or place it around your hips for a more low-waisted look.

    Mini Skirt 

    1. Fold your sarong length-ways to shorten into a mini.
    2. Follow the same steps as above to secure your mini sarong around your waist.

    One-shouldered top 

    1. Start by laying the sarong out in front of you with the printed side facing down. 
    2. Tie the ends of the short side around your waist, so the knot sits comfortably at the small of your back.
    3. Pick up the remaining fabric at the front of your body, and drape it across the shoulder you’d like it to sit on. 
    4. Firmly twist the sarong in one direction, wrap over your shoulder and tuck underneath 
    5. Adjust to achieve the desired fit, and voila!

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